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I fully understand that by sending my chains to RAZZORSHARP I agree  to assume the risk of any injury or damage that I might suffer because of such negligence or carelessness and I agree to give up my right to sue RAZZORSHARP for any such injury or damage. I have carefully read these terms listed below. I fully understand that this is a release of liability and agree to these terms by sending my chains to RAZZORSHARP at my own free will. 

Damage or Defected Chains

ALL damaged or defected chains SENT to RAZZORSHARP will be disposed of an NOT sent back to sender due to safety reasons. 

Lost or Damage Package

RAZZORSHARP is 100% NOT responsible for any chains that are damaged or lost due to the shipping service of USPS. All services are NON REFUNDABLE. We will provide you with a tracking number for your package sent through USPS. Any delay in delivery is not a representation of RAZZORSHARP after an item has been passed off to USPS.


All chains are RAZZORSHARP! RAZZORSHARP is NOT responsible in any way for bodily injuries or to any equipment due to the services rendered by RAZZORSHARP.

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